Evidence That Neighborhood Watch Works In Marshall County, MS Community

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(Marshall Co., MS) Neighborhood Watch is working in one north Mississippi community.

A burglar and his accomplices were caught by Marshall County Deputies and had to carry a big screen TV he's accused of stealing.

The arrests were made possible thanks to neighbors who got involved and made sure the bad guys didn't get away.

It's not unusual to see a turtle crossing the road in the Gordon Lakes Subdivision in Marshall County south of Byhalia, Miss. But what residents saw Monday morning was out of the ordinary.

A burglary suspect, flanked by two deputies, carrying the big screen TV he's charged with stealing.

A man who lives in the subdivision saw the whole thing,

"I thought it was kind of funny that they'd make him carry it right up the middle of the road."

The man didn't want his identity known, but says he and his family noticed a suspicious car near Marshall Cove and Rebecca Drive and it looked like someone was casing the neighborhood,

"And when it turned the corner, we watched it. And it went down and two guys jumped out and we knowed something was wrong."

The car left, and when it came back, they noticed a woman behind the wheel.

Deputies say the two men burglarized a mobile home, stole a big screen TV and waited for an accomplice to pick them up.

Before deputies arrived,  the man we talked to decided to take action -- and got hurt doing it.

"Well, I was just trying to stop the car and they hit me with the car and knocked me out in the road where I hit in the gravel and skinned myself."

Deputies eventually arrested three people.

Because of crime in the area, people have stepped up their Neighborhood Watch program, and it's working.

Lynn Zohn lives in Gordon Lakes Subdivision and says she's a believer in Neighborhood Watch.

She says homes in the subdivision aren't close together, so it takes a little more effort to check on neighbors and keep the criminal element out.

"If you know there's widow ladies or even gentlemen or whatever that's not in good health, we try to go by and check on them and make sure everybody's okay," she said.

All three suspects are in their 20s  and are scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday in Marshall County Justice Court.