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City Workers Caught In Middle Of Money Crunch

(Memphis)  Not much is worse than a police officer or firefighter who doesn't know what to expect. The men and women on the job in Memphis are having that problem -- not on the job but with their job.

“They’re asking, do I need to quit tomorrow?  Do I need to retire before they cut my benefits?” said Deborah Godwin, an attorney for Memphis Police officers.

The men and woman who serve us are caught in the middle of a money crunch.

First a pay cut, then the unions many say correctly interpret a pay raise, and now no one knows what the deal may be, until the lawyers weigh in. It's all because of a back-and-forth between city council and the mayor's office.

“This might have a tremendous detrimental impact on the city if we don't stop it”, said Myron Lowery, City Councilmember.

It gets worse: a third letter from the state warns Memphis leaders they're broke and if they don't fix it, someone else could.

“The state is going to come solve it for us and I think that medicine is going to be anything worse than we've come up with”, said Kemp Conrad, city councilmember.

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