DeSoto Democrats: Just Getting Started

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(Southaven, MS) DeSoto Democratic Party Chair Samuel Williams says his party is off to an encouraging star.

”I’ve always said when we started off we were under the boardwalk," he said. "At least now we’re standing on the top of the boardwalk".

He took a party that was almost nonexistent to placing candidates in almost all the major municipal races in last week’s elections.

His wife, Coria, won almost as many votes as Southaven’s incumbent Mayor.

But now, he’s planning for the future, and says the party has a chance to make inroad.

”My best one, is Horn Lake, because the numbers are there better," he said.

Translation: the Horn Lake area claims the most Democrats, and could have the votes to sustain a candidate in four years’ time.

Meantime, he’s looking for the next generation of candidates.

Williams says he’s looking for Democrats who aren’t afraid to make a commitment, both financially and in terms of community involvement over the next four years.

He says they should start now, building name recognition.

Williams says it’s all about politics and not about race or gender.

"I’m reaching out to Democrats not blacks, not whites, not male, female. Democrats," Williams said.

He says democracy is best served when everyone participates.

”I don’t want a County or a city that’s all Democrat. I want a county or a city made up of both Republicans and Democrats," he said.

Even though his candidates didn’t win, he says the party sent a message.

”Democrats are here to stay," Williams said.