Davis Looking To Future

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(Southaven, MS) Soon-to-be former Southaven Mayor Greg Davis is still taking care of city business, while looking toward his future out of politics.

”We will obviously have to do something, he said. "Hopefully not put out to pasture for good."

Since last week’s defeat at the polls, he says he’d had offers, but won’t say what they are.

”We’ve had a couple of calls from people. We’ll evaluate those job offers too, so we’ll see what happens," Davis said.

He will say he wants to focus on what made him most successful.

”If we get into the consulting side of it, it’ll be in economic development or operations, something of that nature and we have a lot to offer to some other cities," he said.

He won’t name any cities, and no mayors or mayors-elect we talked with would admit to having an interest in him, but Davis says he has lots of options.

Davis says he’s even considering some kind of counseling jobs or a speaking tour to help people through times of personal crisis.

But even political opponents say we shouldn’t count him out.

"Oh, no no and we shouldn’t. We shouldn’t. The man has a lot to offer. He’s still a young man, he still has a lot to offer,” said DeSoto Democratic Party Chair Samuel Williams.

Even though he hints he might help cities far away, he says he intends to stay put in Southaven.

”I have no intention of moving at this time, so I plan on staying here, finish raising my girls here and staying around our family and friends," he said.

He’s even developed an interest in another high paying job that would keep him close.

”After what I paid in attorney’s fees, I think I might want to be a lawyer," he said.

After 16 years, he’ll leave Southaven City Hall at the end of the month.