Bike Ride Honors Trey Erwin, Raises Money For Others

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(Germantown, TN) This week marks 11 months since a Collierville teen passed away during a short, heroic battle with cancer. Trey Erwin rallied the entire Mid-South to pray for him during his fight. He died weeks before his 16th birthday.

Saturday, a bike ride was held at Germantown Baptist Church in honor of Trey. With each bicycle spoke that turned, Trey Erwin's legacy lived on. The Collierville 15-year-old died four months after he was diagnosed with a rare pancreatic cancer. Saturday, everyone remembered Trey as a teen always sporting a wide beaming smile.

“That was Trey. He was a jokester, he was funny, he was happy. He was hardly ever down,” expressed Lisa Erwin, Trey’s mom.

The ride raised more than $5000 dollars to help families whose kids are being treated at St. Jude and living in the Ronald McDonald house in Memphis. They are away from their families, homes and jobs. The Erwin`s were able to stay home during Trey's treatment, but Lisa remembers the four months as a time of not knowing, on top of dealing with Trey's health.

“We were unsure of what the next would bring. With expenses and Jay being at home and me not knowing if I would work the next day,” recalled Lisa Erwin.

She's grateful Metropolitan bank and about 100 others took time to not only remember Trey Saturday, but help other families in their fights also. She says Trey would have wanted this.

“It gives back to the community. It gives back to St. Jude to show how much they supported him,” said Lisa Erwin.

Lisa Burch and her group 'I Do It For' rode 45 miles around Shelby and Fayette County.

“What were you thinking about while you were out there on the road?” asked News Channel 3.

“Survival. No, I`m just kidding,” said Burch.

But in her laughs, she says she rode for survival of a different kind. She lost her mom and sister to cancer.

“You have to dig down deep when you feel like you want to quit, you what you are doing it for,” said Burch.

Saturday, that cause was Trey's story.

“I will never stop telling his story. A story of faith, endurance and perseverance. He had no worries,” said Lisa Erwin.