Delta Airlines Pulls Hub From Memphis

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(Memphis) After September 3, Memphis will no longer be a hub for Delta Airlines.

This will mean the loss of 230 jobs.

According to Delta, "Despite a series of adjustments in recent years, high fuel costs and the predominant use of inefficient 50-seat regional jets in a small local-traffic market have made Memphis unprofitable as a hub. As we work to find the right level of service, the fall 2013 Memphis schedule will be reduced to approximately 60 daily flights."

Delta plans to offer jobs elsewhere to those affected, "There are positions available for every eligible employee who stands to be affected by the schedule reduction at other locations across the system. Additionally, we have created a voluntary 55-point retirement package for MEM-based ACS and Cargo employees. We will also insource all ramp work beginning September 3."

Commissioner Chris Thomas told us, “I’m very speechless and disappointed in this. I’m not really surprised because they’ve been cutting flights but this will hurt our economy and our image.”

Commissioner Terry Roland, “We need to get a lower price airline in here anyway. Delta has had a monopoly and I think if we can do something to get another airline it here it will bring the cost of flying.”

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