Tenants Blame Apartment Complex For Flooding

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(Memphis) We know there was a lot of rain overnight Thursday, but one apartment complex downtown may have gotten the worst of it when it comes to flooding.

However, some say they don't believe the rain is to blame.

Residents at Edison apartments say they woke-up Friday morning around 6 a.m. to find one of their parking lots underwater.

“This is the second car we've lost due to the flood,” said Aisha Burks.

It's not "the flood" from biblical times but Burks says it’s flooding that happens every year, “And they call  it an 'act of God.' They say there is nothing they can do.”

“Oh my God,” said Angela Crowder, looking at her flood-damaged car.

At least four tenants now are without a car.

“They say ‘Oh, it’s an act of God.  Call your insurance,” said another resident with a destroyed car.

They say it's not God, but apartment management to blame.

“Last year, the garbage cans floated all over the property,” said Burks.

They believe something is wrong with the design of the complex or the drain.

“We have little drains and that is what was picked-up from the drains this morning,” said Burks.  “Some of the neighbors were pushing a broomstick down there trying to get the water to recede.”

We reached out to the company that manages Edison Apartments who responded saying, "Throughout the past few weeks with the heavy rains, our staff has maintained drains and kept them free of debris."

The company did not mention the phrase "act of God” but did say, "We do consider the event to be uncontrollable, as the property, which is more than 40 years old and was originally designed and developed by HUD and was built to code and any other regulations."

But for the people who live there, the response isn’t going to get their cars back on the road.

“Being good tenants and paying the rent and everything, the amount that we pay, we shouldn't go through this,” said Burks.  “Nobody should have to.”