Avoid Moving Scams

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(Memphis)   Summer is the big season for moves, and as if moving isn't stressful enough, you certainly don't want to get taken by the company you pay to do the job!

Here are a few tips to avoid getting ripped off:

Get recommendations.  It may seem simple, but experts say it's important to talk to family, friends, even real estate agents and don't rely on ads!

Obtain at least three estimates from three different companies.

Be sure to understand the costs. Some movers will low ball the estimate and try to add on fees later.  Also, read your contract thoroughly.

Don't trust a mover without a real street address.  You need to be able to find them if something goes wrong.

Check for licensing.  Interstate movers have to register with the federal government.
Federal and state regulators are also a good place to check for complaints.