Rolling Billboards Route Crime Calls To Outside Group

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(Memphis) Some MATA buses rolling through the streets of Memphis will now carry Stop the Killing Signs. The ad says if you have a neighborhood problem call 901-527-3149. Your call will remain anonymous and they’ll report your problem for you.

Freedom From Unnecessary Negatives Founder, Stevie Moore, is behind the number. Moore says he’s been passing on information to authorities forever for people.

He said, “I just didn’t have any funds to put it out there like I wanted to put it out there.”

Moore puts up Stop The Killing signs across town and $60,000 raised by private donors are helping him bring billboards to buses. Joe Cooper helped him raise the money. Cooper says people will call Stevie instead of the Memphis police because they trust him more.

Cooper said, “A lot of people know about things before they happen and they’re scared to call police but they’ll call Stevie Moore’s number. “

The kickoff of this campaign begins a day after a string of overnight shootings and murders in Memphis. Moore says he believes somebody knows about every shooting before it happens. The hotline will give them another avenue to report it anonymously if they don’t trust the other numbers out there.
Moore and Cooper say they’ve heard the leader of Memphis/Shelby County CrimeStoppers thinks this hotline is redundant. They don’t think so.

“I have so many people afraid to call the police. I don’t think it’s true that the police will give the information out but the perception is they don’t want to call. They don’t want their number involved because they fear retaliation,” said Moore.

The signs will be on 20 buses that roll throughout the city but the hope is in a year that number will more than double.