Terrifying Armed Robbery Caught on Tape

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(Batesville, MS) - A frightening scene unfolded inside a gas station in Batesville and it was all caught on tape. The store clerk at the Exxon in Batesville on Highway 6 was held up at gunpoint.

The surveillance video shows the robber shoving a gun into a startled store clerk’s head and he demands money.

“He’s getting her to take the money out,” Batesville Police Captain Paul Shivers said as he watched the tape.

The frightening ordeal from start to finish was all captured on the tape.

The video shows the man wearing an Ole Miss hat, red shirt, and black shorts. He walks into the gas station just before midnight Monday.

Police say he appears to be 5’6” -5’9.”

“He came in wearing a bandana around his neck,” Shivers said.

He pretends to shop for a couple of minutes.

“He`s getting his nerve up at this time. He’s still looking around.”

Then two minutes later he pulls his bandana up over his face.

As he makes his way to the counter he grabs a gun from his waistband.

“The young ladies back is to him so she doesn't see it,” Shivers said.

A moment later he attacks.

He orders the clerk to give him the cash, and then tells her to get on the ground faced down.

The robber then took off behind the store while the clerk grabbed a phone, ran to a bathroom, and called 911. An officer arrived within 2 minutes but the robber was gone.

Police are now asking you to help identifying the robber.

“Anybody that does this to a young girl like this needs to be put behind bars,” Shivers said.

If you have any information on this crime call Batesville Police at (662) 563-5653.