Woman, 11 Children & Dog Lose Home In Fire

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(Memphis) A fire in Frayser, on Ajanders Drive, left a woman and 11 children with nothing.

“We don`t have any clothes,” said Trudy Malone. “This is what I got on.”

Maline says she didn't want to go on TV looking like this, but then again, she didn’t want any of this to happen, “I lost everything. Everything.”

A fire swept through her Frayser home Wednesday night and took everything from her family, “I am just running around, trying to get assistance, trying to find somewhere to stay because I have nowhere to stay.”

It’s not just her she's worried about.

She has 10 children and a two-month-old grandchild living with her, “I was looking for my son. I thought one of my kids was in the house. I was panicking.”

She says another hardship might have saved their lives, the house didn't have air conditioning so all of them were down the street at a neighbors cooling off when the fire started.

Trudy says she smelled smoke, then saw the flames.

“My grand baby and all his pampers and diapers in there are gone, his clothes,” she said.  “I had brand-new furniture in the house. Kid`s bed, clothes, we lost everything.”

Firefighter say an electric socket in one of her kid's rooms sparked the blaze.

Now, all eleven of them, and Trudy, are trying to figure out what to do next, “I am trying to be strong for me and my kids.”

If you would like to help Trudy Malone and her children with clothes or a place to stay or adopt her dog, call her at 901-406-7891