Concerns Over Safety On Beale After Saturday Night Stampede

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(Memphis) It was a wild weekend on Beale Street after the Grizzlies game.

A stampede broke out that damaged several shops along the historic street.

Many are concerned about safety with the Grizzlies at home against the Spurs again Monday night.

For many fans, Beale Street becomes the after party and there is concern of a repeat of this weekend.

Surveillance video from the Beale Street Gift Shop shows people on Beale desperately trying to get off the street when a stampede broke out.

"Next thing you know, you`ve got two to three-hundred people running in here full speed knocking over stuff, tearing up stuff, not caring for nothing but themselves," said store manager, Marlo Starks.

Someone set off fireworks just after midnight. It sent nearly 10,000 people running.

Patrons pushed their way into places like A. Schwabs breaking down doors and glass.

"If you get an idiot that comes up and throws fireworks or shoots a gun off. You know, things are going to happen, people are going to get scared and of course they`re going to try and get away from it," said Ty Agee with the Beale Street Merchant's Association.

He says Saturday night was unusual because of all the events going on downtown from the Grizzlies to Sunset Symphony.

"It was super packed," he said. "That is probably as busy as we will be all of this year. We won`t probably see another day like that."

With another Grizzlies game on hand Monday night, Starks hopes for more police.

"That's what we need," said Starks. "We need the police presence because anything could have happened."

Agee believes there's no reason to worry. He believes Monday night will be a different crowd altogether.

"You don`t have the sunset symphony, you don`t have as many tourists, plus everyone has to go to work tomorrow," he said. "They`re not going to stay out late tonight and it`ll be a different make up."

There were no reports of any serious injuries after the stampede broke out.