Concerned Citizen Wants Help For Homeless Woman

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(Memphis) A good Samaritan wants you to know about someone who needs help.

It's a woman who's been sleeping in her car for more than four years.

The good Samaritan hopes when you hear Sarah Cook's story, you'll help get her off Hickory Hill streets and into a home.

If you ever go to the Kroger at Riverdale and Shelby drive, you`ll see a parking lot full of cars and people coming to shop.

You will also see a Nissan under a tree where a woman has been living for four and a half years.

“Not a pity party. Not a feel sorry party,” said Sarah Cook.

Despite where, and how, she lives Sarah doesn’t want sympathy, “Because it’s not about that.”

“The car is packed,” said Good Samaritan Charlotte Bergmann. “ She can`t even recline her seat back to lay down.”

People like Charlotte, can’t help but feel compassion, “I realize that many times people fall through the cracks because the community does not know.”

She wants the community to know what Sarah really wants.

“A house,” said Sarah.

“Actually lock the doors and to be able to take a bath and to lie down in a bed,” said Charlotte.

“I am not homeless by choice but it`s a reality,” said Sarah.

Sarah says she ended up in this parking lot in 2009 after losing her job, then losing her home, “I applied for unemployment and it was denied.”

Her story is familiar to many.

“Where she is living now, I stayed just a block or so over in the parking lot of the library,” said Charlotte.

Charlotte feels it’s her higher purpose to help.

“Out of all the homeless, why me?” asked Sarah.  “So, it’s bigger than me. It`s God.”

If you would like to help Sarah get a permanent place to live, go to  and donate to the Sarah Cook fund.

The non-profit has a house it can donate to her but it will need about $3,000 worth of work to become livable.