Woman Stabbed During Fight At Club 152

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(Memphis) A troubled Beale Street nightclub was shut down two weeks ago for drug use and violence, but it's found even more trouble this weekend

A woman was stabbed inside Club 152 just two days after a judge allowed the club to reopen under certain conditions.

“You'd think they'd put a little more security in the deal, but you mix alcohol and tons of people, bad and good stuff happens,” said Carrie Bean, a tourist.

Saturday night, police say a group of women got into a fight and one of them pulled out some sort of knife and stabbed another lady in the thigh.

According to police, the wound was 3-4 inches long and 1/2 an inch deep.

She was taken to The Med, while the suspect slipped out of the club and away from police.

Investigators say the fight was broken up by club security.

Beane says it wouldn't hurt to have more, “I think the places need to add more of a presence of bouncers.”

Club-goers like Vanessa Rainey say more security would not help with the violence.

“It’s just something you can't control,” she said. “People come out here and get drunk and stuff happens.”

The club reopened Friday after being shut down a week earlier for drug sales and violence, but the most recent stabbing won’t keep Rainey away, “I just like the atmosphere.”

The question now is what impact will Saturday night's violence have, when it goes back before the  judge.

“Just because they shut it down and reopen it and someone got stabbed, you can't just blame it on 152, because you've got Superior down the street,” said Rainey. “ There are a lot of clubs it could have happened at.”

News Channel 3 reached out to the club manager on Monday, but never heard back.