Holiday Weekend Bringing Huge Cash Boost

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(Memphis) Picture perfect weather and plenty to do is a recipe for Memphis to make a lot of money this weekend.

It’s the first time in Memphis for the Leach family from St. Louis. They drove in Friday night and Saturday started checking out what the city has to offer.

“This is our first day. We just did the trolley tour and we went to the Lorraine hotel and now we are here,” said Michael Leach.

Saturday, Beale Street was booming with tourists in town for the Grizzlies game, a Redbirds game, Sunset Symphony, and a Paul McCartney concert. The list goes on.

“I think this might be one of the best years I’ve had in my business personally. I’m thankful to God for that,” said Ty Agee, president of the Beale Street Merchants association.

Agee says this holiday weekend wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for the grit and grind of the Grizz. With each playoff game, he’s made 40 percent more than he would usually. So far, this weekend is no exception.

It’s not just downtown that’s benefiting from the holiday weekend, every hotel in Memphis, is booked.

“Just the revenue of the Grizzlies alone is well north of a million dollars,” said Kevin Kane with the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau. He expects the money to keep coming. Many people in town aren’t necessarily Grizzlies or Spurs fans, but they get paid to talk.

“It’s a big lift because of all the television exposure around the country and world because we are only one of the four NBA teams battling in the playoffs,” said Kane.

Kane says the boost is extra nice when you consider Memphis couldn’t cash in on the holiday two years ago because of the Mississippi River flooding. It’s an experience Ty Agee remembers well.

“My basement was flooded. They moved the barbecue down to Tiger Lane. It was a disaster, you spend all year waiting on this time to pay your bills,” said Agee.

But this year…he can. The Vandevanders from Alabama think they’ll shell out about 15 hundred dollars for the whole weekend.

“We went to the Redbirds game last night, Peabody Hotel this morning, we’ve taken the trolley around the river front,” said Brian Vandevander.

The Vandevanders say they just love the city. We’re hoping the Leach family falls in love to.

“How much money do you think you spend this weekend?” asked News Channel 3.

“Wow, I don’t know I’m not counting,” said Leach.