Woman Says House Guest Burned Her Place Down

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(Memphis) Ulysses Hines is accused of burning a woman's house down. It belonged to a South Memphis woman who says she was doing him a favor and letting him stay there.

The house on Gleason Avenue is a complete loss and the victims are having to start over from scratch.

The fire department estimates the damage to the house at $35,000.  Police say it was caused by a 64-year-old house guest who outstayed his welcome.

“We took him in when he didn`t have nothing,” said Carmela Heath.

As the saying goes "no good deed goes unpunished”.

“It shocked me,” said Heath.  “It shocked me.”

Carmela Heath the man she let stay at her house burned the place down,  “I have nothing!”

Heath says she gave Hines a place to stay for two weeks but when he started stealing from neighbors, she told him Tuesday he had to go.

“She went to take her son to school and he got mad and set the house on fire,” said Neighbor Tre Williams.

Carmela’s roommate was still asleep inside the home.

“There was smoke and I was coughing and I just ran out the house,” said Pamela Young.

Now Pamela, Carmela and her 5-year-old son have nowhere to go and only the clothes on their backs.

“I need everything,” said Heath.  “I don`t have anything.”

But still, Carmela can find some satisfaction knowing the man who did this is now in jail.

“He’s jail now?” she asked Reporter Sabrina Hall. “He’s in jail! Good deal! Good job! Good job!”

Hines’ bond is set at $500,000.

If you would like to help Pamela, Carmela, or her 5-year-old son with clothes or housing, call 901-417-3803.