Woman killed after domestic dispute with husband

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --  Police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened inside an Orange Mound home in the 600 block of Hamilton.

A little girl around the age of ten was inside the home when police say a fight broke out between her two parents.

Now, the little girl's mother is dead and her father is in police custody.

“It’s heartbreaking. It’s truly heartbreaking. Right now I need to leave because it’s a reality,” said family friend Janice Thomson.

Thompson rushed to the family's home when she got a call saying Kim Langston was dead, possibly shot and killed by her husband William, also known as Junebug.

“He said ‘Kim was dead. ‘ I said, ‘not the Kim I know, maybe somebody else,” said Thompson.

But it was Kim Langston.

“As a person I can’t see her bringing on so much anger that someone would take her life. Cant nobody tell me any different,” said Thompson who says she didn’t know the couple to fight.

“He'd be in one part of the house. She'd be in another part. He would never smile,” said Thompson.

Thompson says Kim Langston always smiled.

She ran a daycare out of the family's home. Friday morning only her daughter was inside.

“I couldn’t even get to the police car to speak to her. But my heart goes out the child, she’s left without a mom,” said Thompson.

Thompson is missing a friend who she says she'll never see smile or laugh again.

“Whatever happened, it shouldn’t have happened,” said Thompson.

Police are still investigating.

According to jail records, William Langston does not have a violent criminal history. He has been arrested in the past for drug related charges.