Mid-South Pharmacy Investigated After Patients Get Sick

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(Newbern, TN) It's the kind of town where they pipe in music downtown just because. Everyone eats at Nana's Café, and Main Street pharmacy, your grandma went there when she was a kid.

Over the years, the pharmacy has grown. Mountains of medical supplies are stacked up in the next building over from the small town shop. It looks like a hospital supply room.

Main Street supplies clinics around the country with the same injection behind last years’ big meningitis outbreak. Back then, 55 people died and more than seven hundred forty got sick.

This time seven people have taken ill. Employees refused to open the doors for us, Friday night.

We saw vans coming and going out back, and reached someone on the phone.

“Can you talk a little bit more about the work that's done to ensure safety?” we asked.

“Not specifically”, said Joe Grillo, a Boston-based public relations spokesman for Main Street.

He accurately pointed out that no one has proved the medicine was tainted here.