One Dead, Four Wounded In Series Of Shootings In Clarksdale, MS

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(Clarksdale, MS) It's been a  violent few days in Clarksdale, Mississippi!

A series of shootings killed one man and sent four other people to the hospital.

Police say summer usually brings an up-turn in violent crimes and property crimes.

No one is in custody for the shootings, which police think may all be connected.

People are scared and afraid to talk on camera because they fear gang retaliation.

"It's terrible at night over here. We lucky to lay down and wake up the next morning," said one person.

An elderly woman,  who didn't want to appear on camera,  showed us two bullet holes in her Clarksdale home, "I heard some shots. And it was hitting the side of my house there. And I got up and fell out of the bed trying to call the police."

The shooting,  right outside her bedroom,  is one of a series of drive-by shootings that have plagued Clarksdale Police and residents.

Police say it's possible the shootings are retaliation for the murder of a man killed during a fight on Madison Street Tuesday afternoon.

After that, shootings erupted on several Clarksdale streets: one at the intersection of Adams and Bishop Dawson Streets Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday morning, a woman was found in the 1000-block of Page Street, shot in the leg.

Also Thursday morning, two men were shot in their car in the 900 block of Lincoln Street: one of them was struck three times in one of his arms.

The woman we talked with believes gangs are responsible and that's why she wouldn't appear on camera, "I am afraid of the gangs. I am afraid my house will get shot up again."

Clarksdale Police have stepped up patrols in the area where the shootings happened.

The woman we talked with says it's not making much of a difference because the shooters don't care who they hurt, "When they come on down here slinging their pistols and stuff and shooting and going, they hit anybody's house. But they don't realize people's lives are at stake. They don't know what a bullet going to do coming through the wall."

Police are also trying to find the person who robbed a pawn shop on North State Street Wednesday morning.

A man used pepper spray on employees and stole jewelry from a display case.

Police are checking security camera video to try to identify the suspect.