Mid-South Having One Of The Worst Allergy Seasons

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(Memphis) If you're coughing, sneezing and suffering from watery eyes, join the club.

Many in the Mid-South are complaining that their allergies are worse than ever.

Doctors say there's a reason for that.

Allergy season is so bad this year, doctors say don`t even bother doing yard work unless you put a mask over your face.

“Just a nose running horribly,” said Nita Davison, who suffers from allergies.

Davison says she would wear a mask everyday, all day, if she could.  “I’m just miserable.”

“The rate of allergy sufferers is very, very high,” said Dr. Mark Castellaw with Baptist Medical Group.

Dr. Castellaw says this year is bad for almost everybody, “More things are blooming than they usually do.”

He says most years, trees, grass, and flowers take turns blooming.

This year they’ve all popped-up at the same time.

“A lot of allergy suffers will develop sinus infections and bronchitis because of all the congestion and build up, they will get a secondary infection,” said Dr. Castellaw.

The doctor says for the first 48 hours, over-the-counter medicine will do, but if your cough or runny nose lasts longer than that, you may need a prescription nasal spray or an anti-biotic.

“Also, when you are outside coming in, get rid of the clothes,” said Dr. Castellaw.  “Put those in the washer because you bring in allergens into the house.  You need to bathe your pets more often because they are also bringing allergens into the house.”

Dr. Castella says prevention is key and if your symptoms do not get better within 48 hours make sure you see a doctor.

He says if you do yard work, wearing a mask will work better than taking medicine.

The doctor says it actually works better than medicine.