Will An All In One Sheet Clean Your Laundry?

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Jennifer Kuehn is a busy woman.

Juggling four children and her business “Little Feet” in Southaven leaves her with little time for anything else. Jennifer is always trying to find ways to save time and money.

“S2O Laundry Sheets” claims that it combines all necessary laundry products like detergent, fabric softener and stain remover into one laundry sheet that can get the job done in one simple step.

Jennifer has several loads of laundry that need to be done, and the clothes just keep piling up.

She’s hoping that “S2O” can help her get caught up. Jennifer follows the instructions and pretreats the stains on her clothing by rubbing them with an “S2O” sheet.

Jennifer then puts the laundry into the washing machine, adds a sheet of “S2O” and washes the clothes like she normally does, and then through a full cycle in the dryer.

“S2O” completely removed most of the stains from the children’s clothes and left them smelling fresh and feeling soft.

In fact, Jennifer said that “S2O” did just as well as her conventional detergent and fabric softener. “S2O” was able to do what it claimed and Jennifer was impressed.

“S2O” you PASS our “Does It Work?” test.