Southaven Mayoral Debate Tonight At 6 on WREG

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(Southaven, MS) Now that primaries and runoffs are over in Southaven, voters have three very clear, distinct choices for mayor when they vote again in two weeks.

Darren Musselwhite, fresh off his decisive primary runoff win, states what all candidates want to accomplish, ”I think it’s time to stop the fighting. I want to end the negative publicity here."

There’s more to running Southaven than just image.

All the candidates say they want to push forward with important projects, including a senior citizens center.

Democrat Coria Williams wants to involve citizens, ”She wants to bring transparency here, accountability. She wants to do things and involving the citizens of Southaven and she wants a fresh start for Southaven."

Controversial candidate, incumbent Mayor Greg Davis, says he’s running on his record, both the faults and the accomplishments, ”We’ve proud of what we’ve done and I think through all the stuff we’ve been through, you gauge a man, woman, a person, their character’s established not by the good times but during the tough times."

Both Davis and Williams say they plan to take part in Thursday's Southaven Mayoral debate on News Channel 3 from 6-7pm.

”What about the Channel 3 debate tomorrow night, you gonna do it?” Musselwhite was asked. “You know the Channel 3 debate there will be some discussions about that today I’m not opposed to doing the debate” he said.

But then Musslewhite went on to say, ”It’s just the timing of it was not really appropriate. There are some other issues about the way it was set up that did not work well for me."

WREG had to wait until the Republican candidate was selected, which happened last night.

We wanted to have the debate before absentee voting which starts Saturday.

That left us Thursday or Friday. We chose Thursday since many people will begin their Memorial Day weekend Friday.

We plan to focus on issues of relevance to the voters of Southaven, regarding the Office of Mayor and the professional business of the City.

Mr. Musselwhite has known about this debate for more than a month. That is sufficient time to prepare, given that he's been campaigning for longer than that.