Off-Duty Memphis Police Officer Involved in Deadly Accident

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(Memphis) The family of a Memphis father is grieving after he was killed in a motor cycle accident while leading a funeral procession.

John Walker was working for a private company when the accident happened Saturday, May 18th on Holly Circle near Airways Boulevard.

Memphis Police reported Walker was driving along Holly Circle, when off duty MPD Officer Larry Jackson pulled out in front of him. Jackson was cited for ‘right of way left turn.”

“I tell people all the time we could be taken your mother, your father, your child, your grandchildren , give us two minutes out if your life and just pull over,” said David Wilbanks that owns Horne Motorcycle Escort and Security.

“Go out to the country, Mississippi. People will pull over and cross their heart. In Memphis, you have a bull's eye, they don't care,” said Wilbanks.

Jackson has worked with MPD since 1974.

MPD spokesperson Sgt. Karen Rudolph said by email Wednesday, “no disciplinary actions will be taken at this time. This incident occurred due to an accident which was reported and proper notification was made, therefore he followed policy.”

Rudolph also said Jackson doesn’t face charges at this time.

“I think it should be manslaughter, vehicular homicide whatever you want to call it,” said Wilbanks who plans on talking to legislators to have a law with harsher penalties on the books.