Mayor Goes After Slum Lords

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(Memphis) An eyesore that has plagued Whitehaven for years is finally coming down.

Wednesday, the city began demolishing the overgrown former Park Place Apartments in the 4300 block of McCorkle.

Mayor A C Wharton was there for the demolition and says he wants all bad landlords and irresponsible property owners to know that blight like that has to go.

Wharton says the owners of the apartments have tried to hide for years to avoid taking care of the property.

In the last four years the property has been transferred to four different owners.

"What we are here today to say is, look, no matter where you try to hide, offshore, on shore we are still going to come after you, we are going to tear this down. We are going to find the folks wherever we have to go and hold them responsible for the cost of this demolition that city of Memphis taxpayers are now having to pay," said Wharton.

The mayor wants tougher laws that will allow the city to go after the property no matter who owns it and get neglected and abandoned buildings and houses torn down in a matter of months not years.

It will cost nearly a half a million dollars to tear down the Park Place Apartments.