A Diaper Debate, Slobby America, And A Fight, Over A Fighter!

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-Apparently the new parenting trend is to let babies, go diaperless.

It's called Elimination Communication.

Parents teach little babies to "go" in a bowl around the house, or even just on the  street  or in the park when they're out.

They say it potty trains them faster.

-This week CBS Sunday Morning examined whether America has become a nation of slobs.

Putting on a dress for dinner or shopping used to be common, now it’s not unusual to see someone out in their pajamas.

Should we be "dressed down" for not "dressing up" anymore?

-An MMA Fighter is causing controversy because some critics say she shouldn't be fighting women.

That's because she was born a "he", which some believe gives her an unfair advantage.

With us today are Steve Conley from Classic Hits 94.1, Myron Mays from Soul Classics 103.5 and our own Todd Demers.






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