Tuurnout Good for Municipal Runoffs

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(Southaven, MS) Even in threatening weather, Ann Eiland and her husband said nothing was going to stop them from casing their ballots in Tuesday’s Southaven runoff, ”I just want to see change in this city, really big change. Need to get rid of certain people."

A steady stream of voters agreed.

They believe the prescription for what ails Southaven boils down to one thing.

”I want change, yes. Because Southaven’s been caught in a rut,” explained Wilma Swindoll.

Runoffs took, place in lots of Mississippi cities from Holly Springs to Horn Lake.

In Olive Branch, it will decide the Mayor’s race, but it’s Southaven that saw the heaviest turnout.

Runoffs, in general, don’t bring out big numbers of voters, but at this precinct, turnout has been as good as the primary two weeks ago.

Most said they want to send a message to City Hall, but others said the issue is bigger.

”It’s a privilege to vote. It’s your responsibility, so everybody needs to vote every time, no exceptions” said Fred Smith.

And these voters say if change is going to happen, it has to start with them.

”You’ve got to help some say, so that’s it. That’s why we come to vote” said Eiland.