People Buying Underground Storm Shelters

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(Memphis) Since the devastating images of the Tornado damage in Moore, Oklahoma began airing on TV Ken Nix's phone hasn't stop ringing.

"We'll probably see an uptake of 40-50% in calls and sales," said Nix

By Tuesday morning Nix, co-owner of TSW Storm Shelters, hadsold nearly ten of the underground storm shelters.

"The gentleman on the other line right now called and said I've been thinking about this shelter for a while and think I want to buy one," said Nix.

About a half-dozen people on his Collierville Street now have shelters of their own in the floors of their garages.

The largest one sells for $6,200 and can hold up to 12 people.

"As you can see by that storm, we just think underground is the safest place to be," said Nix.

A lot of underground storm shelter companies emerged after the tornado in Moore in 1999.

Still, according to the city's website, only 10% of the homes in Moore had storm shelters.

Mike Singer lives in Nix's neighborhood.

He had a shelter installed in 2008.

" When the siren goes off or it's looking bad we are in there," said Singer.

He hopes he never needs the shelter, but says just having it gives him peace of mind, "I look at it as an insurance policy except it doesn't pay when you die it keeps you alive."

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