Memphis “Apostle” Wanted for Depositing Stolen Checks

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(Memphis) A man who calls himself an apostle, along with his wife, is accused of stealing money from people all in the name of God.

His wife is behind bars, but he is on the run.

“We wanted to invite you all to my revival, my refreshing revival,” said “Apostle” Dedrick Brookins.

Brookins posted a video of himself online inviting people to his church.

“At 1437 McMillan Street,” he said.

It’s a church he calls the “Transformation Center.”

However, police say he wasn't transforming people but bank accounts into balances of zero.

“At first I thought ‘did my wallet get stolen?’” said Ariel Guthery of Lakeland.

Guthery says it happened to her this past November.

She ordered checks that never arrived to her Lakeland house.

Instead, police say they ended-up in the hands of Brookins, who investigators say was caught on video depositing forged checks into ATMs around Memphis.

“B.A.F.M.!” said Guthery.  “That's the one mine was written to!”

Police say he deposited more than $10,000 and  in other people's money into accounts called “Blessed Assurance Faith Ministries,” “Faith Action Ministries” and “Blessed Church”.

“It’s just really sneaky for someone to pose as an honest person and then steal everybody`s money,” said Guthery.

Court papers show he stole checks from at least seven people in the Lakeland and Arlington area.

His wife, Chiquita, was picked-up Monday for allegedly helping him with the crimes.

Deputies are still looking for the self-proclaimed apostle, who’s been arrested at least four times before for fraud, forgery, burglary and passing bad checks.

Each time, he went to court, he listed an abandoned house in South Memphis as his address.

Brookins wasn't there Tuesday or his "church."

“Last night we had a glorious time, you don`t want to miss it,” said Brookins in the video.

Brookins is already on probation for a forgery conviction.

If you know where he is, call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.