Controversial Candidate Running in Horn Lake

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(Horn Lake, MS) Once a felon, always a felon, that’s what voters in Horn Lake seem to think when it comes to elections.

Most believe felons shouldn’t vote, much less run for office.

”I was always told that a felon couldn’t run, I don’t care how he became a felon” said one voter.

In Horn Lake, there’s a former felon on the ballot, and he’s running for Horn Lake’s second highest elected office.

Tedarrell Muhammad is running as a Democrat for Alderman at Large.

In a phone conversation, he admitted to having done prison time for cocaine possession and sales at age 19.

Since then, he’s changed his life, and become a respected businessman.

He’s open about his past, even addressing it in this magazine article which names him one of the top minority businessmen in the area.

Election Commissioners say they looked over Muhammad’s qualifications and qualified him for office based on section 44 of the Mississippi Constitution which states he’s allowed to run for office if his offense occurred before December 8th, 1992.

Other sources pointed us to other places in the Mississippi code which say the same thing.

We’re told Mr. Muhammad’s conviction occurred 42 days before the 1992 date.

Muhammad promised to sit down and discuss his situation on Wednesday, but couldn’t directly address it Monday.

Meantime, Horn Lake voters still seem uneasy about their former felon on the ballot, no matter when a court convicted him.

”I mean, are they any less a felon?" asked one woman.

Either way, voters will get their say on Muhammad, and his candidacy in the general election in two weeks.