Voters to Make Key Decisions in Tuesday Runoffs

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(DeSoto County, MS) Southaven political activist Linda Temple says every Mississippian with a runoff election Tuesday should make plans to vote now, ”It’s very important to get the right people elected to office and this is their right to vote on the right people and get ‘em in the office."

In Southaven, she’s looking for big changes, but is disappointed by all the continued campaign clutter around , in violation of city ordinance ”And if we don’t straighten this out, in the future, we’re gonna have a worse problem.”

She’s hoping new city officials will do that, and clean up Southaven’s spending controversy once and for all.

But in towns from Southaven, all the way to Holly Springs and beyond, voters have important decisions to make.

In Olive Branch the runoff will actually decide the mayor’s race, between Art Shumway and Scott Phillips.

Southaven runoffs will decide some Alderman seats, and narrow the choices for Mayor.

”This is the most important election in the history of Southaven so many changes will be made or have been made, so I just think everyone needs to get out so we can have true representatives of the people” said Southaven Mayor Candidate Darren Musselwhite.

That’s why all the major candidates in the runoff are out campaigning.

”It’ll affect my kids, my grandkids, any other candidates families, and they’ll be looking to us to make decisions that’ll impact them” stated Southaven Mayor Candidate Jerald Wheeler.

And community leaders say that’s the biggest reason people should plan to vote in the runoff.

”If you elect the right people you take care of two problems, absolutely. And we’re sure that’s forthcoming”.

Polls open at 7am, and close at 7pm.