Fire Guts Memphis Home, Family Without Insurance

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(Memphis) An electrical fire sparked in a utility closet is to blame for leaving a Memphis family of four without a home.

Sharon Dent cradled her daughter Shanika in her arms Sunday.

“I feel what she’s going through,” said Dent.

It’s pain left from charred beams, warped metal and holes straight through to the back of her house after a fire gutted Shanika’s home on Beauchamp Saturday.

“What did this house mean to you?” asked News Channel 3.

“Everything, I finally had somewhere that was peaceful. My kids were happy,” replied Shanika Dent.

Saturday, the single mom’s three kids, their friends and her dad were home when they started to smell smoke. They all escaped the house unharmed and called for help.

“I was praying to God that everyone got out of there. When I saw it, I couldn’t do anything but thank Jesus that they got out of there,” expressed Sharon Dent.

The family used two fire extinguishers to battle the flames, but the swallowing fire was no match for the little red tools.

Inside, “everything’s gone, everything,” said Dent.

Including a brand new iPad for Shanika’s 13 year old daughter.

“The whole box burned up and it’s just melted,” said Sharon Dent.

Her birthday is today.

“I called and wished her a happy birthday, ‘thanks but it’s not happy grandma,” said Sharon Dent.

The flames jumped from the Dent’s home and torched the side of her neighbor’s house. Inside that house, there’s damage to the kitchen.

The Dents didn’t have renter’s insurance. Shanika wanted to furnish her whole house before she took out a policy. She just finished getting the last details for her home.

“I just put up curtains the day before Mother’s Day,” said Shanika Dent.

But even with everything in pieces, through the scorched rubble and her tears, Shanika says she’s blessed.

“I’m thankful I still have my babies,” said Dent.