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Buckets Pondexter is a Memphis Celebrity

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(Memphis) Memphis Grizzlies guard Quincy Pondexter’s husky is getting national attention.

The four month old puppy named Buckets Pondexter has been on several national news websites this week.

“He’s been in Sports Illustrated, USA Today has tweeted him. He’s been in Fox Sports.  He’s been on Yahoo,” said Quincy.

Quincy said he wanted a husky after playing at the University of Washington in college. And said Buckets’ name was easy to come up with.

“When he first got here he ran straight to the basketball. At first I was going to name him Bain because I love Batman but since he ran to the basketball, I had to name him Buckets,” said Pondexter.

Since Buckets has gained popularity, Quincy said much of the conversation from fans is not just about basketball.

“They were asking about him specifically they didn’t care if I was going to be there.  They just kept asking when is Buckets going to be there.”

Today there was an instagram and twitter account created for Buckets under the handle of   “bucketsqp20”. Within 45 minutes Buckets had 200 followers on instagram.

Buckets is not just a celebrity but many think he is a Grizz good luck charm.

“Ever since I got him, I think we’ve been playing well I got out of a slump, and we are playing great grizzly basketball,” added Quincy.