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Tate Burglary Caught on Camera

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(Senatobia, MS) Video from the Tate County Sheriff’s Department may help residents recognize a burgler and solve a crime.

It happened a little over a month ago when William Correro came home to the home he’s been building just outside Senatobia ”I saw doors open, and saw some items and said, ok someone’s been here”.

He found 9-thousand dollars worth of tools missing.

He’d seen the stories in the news about burglars stripping down half-finished homes for the wiring and air conditioning units, so the self-described electronics nut put in surveillance cameras as he wired the place.

Now it’s giving Sheriff’s Deputies a leg up on their burglary investigation.

Investigators say more and more they rely on surveillance videos to catch the bad guys. They encourage everyone to make a small investment in even a basic video system.

Now, Tate County investigators have descriptions not just of the suspects, but of the vehicle they used in their crime.

They even posted video on Facebook ”The video, it’s helpful, because he did capture who did the burglary. We just gotta put a name to the face” said investigator Jeff Farrow.

He believes the men may know people who’ve done some work in the neighborhood and knew the huge house was under construction ”We believe that they probably do there’s some kind of connection”.

Officers say they these apparent thieves may have connections to other robberies in the area but can’t say until they catch them.

Correro is making sure he does his part to get the word out ”I’ve printed stills off of it and put those around. I’ve been delivering wanted posters and left ‘em at paint stores and such.” “Think you’re going to find these guys?” “Oh Yeah”.

He says without the video, he’d have almost no hope at finding the burglars.