Democrats Reintroduce Themselves to DeSoto County

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(Southaven, MS) Former Memphis Police officer Sam Williams is re-introducing the Democratic brand to DeSoto County.

Years after this County went almost totally Republican, he’s helping field a full slate of candidates in municipal elections.

He says bringing Democrats back serves democracy, ”Give people an opportunity to do something they haven’t had a chance to do in 16 years, that’s to choose from two different parties.”

He’s got candidates running for mayor in every DeSoto city but Walls and Hernando, and several candidates for Alderman.

Williams started re-building the party back in 2006 and had the executive committees restructured two years later.

He says Democrats are here to stay.

He got a boost during the last round of redistricting, when County Supervisors carved out a district where minorities and Democrats had a bigger voice, ”It is awesome for getting democrats elected, because you have it structured that way so Democrats are in there."

Even The DeSoto Republican chairman says it’s good to see people of a different party come forward, and engage in a healthy debate.

”DeSoto County has gone as far as it can with a one party system we need to move forward,” said Williams.

He says he’d consider it a great victory, if even one Democrat won in the upcoming elections.