Nearly 9,000 in Danger of Losing Driver’s License

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(Memphis) 8,700 people all across Shelby County are in danger of losing their driver's license because of unpaid court costs.

All it takes is for the General Sessions to give its' list to the Department of Safety and then licenses can be suspended.

Shelby County computer engineers are developing a system for the Department of Safety so they can access who owes court fines.

It may be a few more months before its complete, giving some people time to pay up.

The General Sessions Court Clerk's office says when the system is in place almost 9,000 people are in danger of losing their driver's license in Shelby County.

It’s all because they didn’t pay litigation taxes, court costs, and fines associated with their conviction.

A Tennessee law passed two years ago says a person must pay all court costs within one year of a conviction or they will lose their driver's license.

Now, the hammer is about to drop.

While General Sessions Court claims it will give notice to its delinquent drivers, they can't say exactly when it will be.

Anyone who fears their name is on the list can call General Sessions Court at 222-3500.