Southern Airways Express Ready for Takeoff

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(Olive Branch, MS) Southern Airways Express CEO Stan Little says he’s ready to take off, to serve the Mid-South’s air travel needs.

Little is announcing an ambitious schedule to popular gulf-coast resort cities from Metro Olive Branch and DeWitt Spain airport in downtown Memphis, ”We’re looking at all the destinations frankly that the dominant carrier at Memphis International as dropped”.

Little says prices are extremely competitive, and come just in time for the busy summer travel season, ”We think that during the summertime these leisure destinations are going to be the ones most missed by the public”.

He’ll use 9 seat Caravan 208 aircraft like this to literally stay under the federal transportation security radar.

The beauty of Southern Airways Express is how easy it is to get on the plane. You can be from the parking lot, to the terminal, to the plane, in just about fifteen minutes.

Compare that to a two-hour wait Delta Airlines says its passengers can expect when they fly out of Atlanta.

After vacation season ends, Southern plans to expand to serve business travelers who, these days, have to drive, or pay thousands of dollars to get to second-tier cities, ”We’re looking at those drive-time destinations that are anywhere from five to eight hours from Memphis”.

Think Chattanooga, Birmingham, and other places just far enough away to make for a long drive.

Southern plans to offer its routes all year-long, ”The commitment I’ve made to these cities is, we’re not going to just use your airports and your facilities during the high season, rather we’re gonna be with you year-round."

Little also hopes it’ll meet a pent-up demand for affordable travel to Memphis.

The new airline will offer fares from $129 to $249 to destinations including Destin, New Orleans, Panama City Beach and Gulf Shores.

The first flights take off May 29th.

For more information, go to which should be up and running within the next week or so.