Fans Believe Grizzlies Snubbed by National Media

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(Memphis) Even though the Grizzlies dominated the series against the clippers and have pulled a lead in the series against the thunder, Grizzlies fans wonder when the national media is going to start giving Memphis the respect it deserves.

Memphis is a small market team, meaning it doesn’t have the same following as a big city like Los Angeles, but still fans say the grizzlies have earned the respect.

Gaston Rivera went to Twitter Saturday evening frustrated that the Grizzlies couldn’t get respect from the national media after its big win over the Thunder.

“I think we’d have to beat the Heat to get any respect at this point,” said Rivera.

Like many in the Mid-South, Gaston is used to watching the Grizzlies on Fox Sports South, but once the Grizzlies made it into the second round, coverage went national.

“The Grizzlies simply don’t have a superstar that goes by one name like Kevin (Durant) or LeBron (James) and for that reason, a lot of people who don’t follow the Grizzlies on a regular season, which is a lot of the national media, they’re not as familiar with the Grizzlies,” Fox Sports South Commentator, Pete Pranica.

He believes Memphis is a hard sell on a national level because the team is not flashy. Pranica says they grit and grind out their wins.

“You never really know how this team is going to win a ballgame,” said Pranica. “They just find ways to win and that’s a harder story to tell than saying Kevin Durant had 35 (points).”

If the respect doesn’t come, Rivera believes the Grizzlies can and will use it to its advantage.

“We’re an underdog and we love to play that role so the team shows that, the fans, the city, and so many avenues,” said Rivera. “It’s who we are. We’re fine with that. I’d rather be under the radar.”