Man Killed in Family Dispute

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(Memphis) - A man is dead and another is on the run after an argument leads to a shooting in the Nutbush Community.

Police say they have a good idea of who the shooter is because this all started over a family argument, but people in the neighborhood are saddened that a man lost his life on Mother's Day.

Family Members were overwhelmed with grief Sunday evening after finding out their loved one was shot to death.

They wanted answers as to how the 35-year old ended up dead in his own driveway. They say the man killed was Andre Spencer.

"I heard the shots," said Linda White, a neighbor. "Everyone in the neighborhood heard them."

It's unclear why Spencer got into the argument with the shooter in the first place, but police say it was enough for the man to pull out a gun and fire several shots at the 35-year-old, hitting and killing him.

"Its senseless," said White. "It just don't make sense for people to be killing each other like this in this neighborhood. People are supposed to be close."

Investigators say when officers arrived, Spencer was dead and the shooter was on the run, but police have a good idea of who they're looking for now.

White is still in shock. She says Spencer was a nice guy who was always good to her. Today, White says her heart breaks for the mother who lost a son.

"She lost her son on Mother's Day," said White. "A mother has lost a son and that's a sad situation."

Anyone with information that could help police can call Crime Stoppers at 901.528.CASH.