Popular Comedian Gets Contempt Charges Dismissed

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(Memphis) A key witness in a high-profile murder trial faced a judge today but that witness was the one facing jail time.

Comedian Lester Bibbs didn’t show up to court in the trial of a suspected cop killer.

On Your Side Investigator Stephanie Scurlock is the only reporter to talk to Bibbs on camera about the case.

Bibbs tells jokes for a living but this time the joke was almost on him and it was no laughing matter.

Today, Bibbs was in court denying he intentionally dodged a subpoena to testify about the murder of off duty Memphis police officer Don Williams 15 years ago.

Bibbs was outside the Frayser nightclub when Williams was shot. Bibbs always said Timothy McKinney, the man prosecutors say did it, is not the shooter.

Last month during McKinney's third trial for the murder, the judge issued a warrant for Bibb's arrest. Defense lawyers accused the comedian of intentionally dodging a subpoena. After hearing from Bibbs,  the judge dismissed the contempt of court charge.

“I didn't feel like everything was fair and the way it got out it seemed like I was the one on trial. I'm the easiest person on the planet to find. You even know how to find me. I've been to y'alls station 6 or 7 times since the last trial,” said Bibbs.

Timothy McKinney's first trial ended in a death penalty conviction but was later overturned. Two other trials ended in hung juries. Prosecutors are deciding if there will be a fourth. If there is, Bibbs told the judge he will be there to tell what he saw.