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Flash Flooding Hits Mid-South

(Southaven, MS)  Viewers reached out to all day, as storms were moving in and the street was filling up with water

“It was about two feet and it was gushing, I was afraid to step into it, it had a rage to it and was gushing so hard”, said Denise Tucker.

Tucker said she hasn't seen her neighborhood flood the way it did in more than ten years.  The water was more two feet deep in front her home and her neighbors trash cans were all floating by, outside her window.

“They came down the hill, turned the corner and went down the street”.

It was a similar situation on the west side of the city. A viewer took these photos near the community college where a small lake popped up and no one could get by.

“My whole street flooded in a matter of like 20 minutes, my street flooded out and I couldn't pull on my street”, said Lawrence Caulford.

It covered the hood of his car and he worried he'd get stuck, much like this sheriff's car.  As bad as it was, it ended in no time, a flash flood in every since of the phrase.

“When I got home the sun came out and it turned out to be a good day”, said Caulford.

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