Memphis Police Investigate 5 Separate Shootings Within Hours

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(Memphis) Memphis police are busy piecing together clues in several shootings all over the city.

One man is dead; four others are recovering from five separate shootings.

Larry Graham spent the day praying for his nephew Jason who went through two surgeries Thursday after he was shot in his shoulder, back and hand.

“It makes me feel sad, but it`s a blessing he didn't die or would be paralyzed,” said Graham.

Graham says he woke up to his nephew stumbling into his house on Golden for help.

Two robbers shot him on Norman the next street over.

“He was in and out. His brother kept saying ‘wake up man, the ambulance coming,” said Graham.

Police so far haven`t been able to pinpoint who shot Jason.

Investigators are also on the hunt for whoever shot and killed a 23-year-old on McLemore overnight.

He too was the victim of violent robbery and witnesses say the gunmen took off in a dark-colored SUV.

A gray Jaguar, riddled with dozens of bullet holes, is also where police say another man was shot and seriously hurt.

He was driving near Brooks and Third Wednesday afternoon when bullets started flying.

Those who pulled trigger there are also unknown.

Same goes for the intersection at Justine and Orman in Frayser where a man was shot trying to break up a fight outside his house.

Shooters still on the streets all over the city, leaves Graham a little uneasy, “They might want to come back and try it again."

Police arrested Patrick Lee who is suspected of shooting a man in the leg during an argument on Winding Birch, near Ross and Raines Wednesday.

Five shootings in just about 12 hours are prompting Graham to pray even more and beg anyone who knows anything to speak up, “It may happen to one of their family members."

If you have any information call CrimeStoppers at 528-CASH.