Parent and Teen Arrested After School Building Covered With Graffiti

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(Forrest City, AR) Students at Forrest City High School feel graffiti is becoming as commonplace as backpacks and books.  Students told us it’s gang graffiti and it's everywhere.

One section of the school building looks more like a rough alleyway in the worst of inner cities, not this tiny little town.

“The graffiti had been removed, no sooner than it was removed we had some kids putting it back up there”, said Police Chief E.P. Reynolds.  “Officer witnessed it, gave chase, an arrest was made.”

Reynolds said gangs are real in the community and a big group of teens were caught spray painting at the high school as a result of increased patrols at the school after a recent tagging.

Reynolds said the teen picked up had a record, so his guardian, a big sister, was arrested too.

“We want to tackle the problem”, said Reynolds who started charging parents along with teens when he arrived to town two years ago.

Residents aren’t sure if it will work, they don’t know what will but they’re not afraid to try anything.

“They need to whip their kids, like we were”, said Katrina Wynne.

The police department said it is the school system’s responsibility to remove the graffiti from the school, since it’s their property.  We were unable to reach someone from the district Wednesday night.