Marshall County Plant Boosts Economy

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(Marshall County, MS) Within a year, a new plant going up in Marshall County should employ about one hundred and fifty local people.

It’s got folks in Byhalia smiling.

”What’s exciting is it’s not just Byhalia, it’s the County and we’re just really excited,” said Sarah Sawyer with the Byhalia Chamber of Commerce.

The Roxul Company makes what’s called “stone wool insulation” around the world.

Roxul already operates two insulation plants in Canada.

The Byhalia plant will become the company’s first in the United States.

Even though the plant sits outside of Byhalia’s town limits, it’s a very big deal.

”The Roxul Company is gonna be a big plus for the Town of Byhalia,” said Mayor Phil Malone.

Not only will local people get a chance to work there, Byhalia will benefit by selling utilities to Roxul.

”Years ago we planned for the future and have run natural gas pipe to support the Chicasaw Industrial Park” said Malone.

Best of all, Roxul has already made it clear, it wants to become a good corporate citizen to Byhalia and Marshall County.

”With Roxul not even being here yet, they’re already responded to a lot of our needs and called me asking what can we do to help and get involved in the area,” Sawyer explained.

And at a time when many companies put profit before community, Byhalia’s counting it’s blessings.