Cordova Residents Seek Signatures to Break Away From Memphis

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(Cordova, TN) Some people in Cordova are taking drastic measures to break away from Memphis's control.

People in the newly annexed area of Cordova have to get 40,000 signatures so they can deannex from the city of Memphis.

This area was annexed about a year ago and right now they are in the middle of a huge push to get out of the city.

“We moved here because we like the schools and we liked being able to pick things like who does are trash. We had a say. And then we were taken in overnight by Memphis,” said Tracey Carter.

Carter says she and many others in the newly annexed area want to deannex because their property taxes nearly doubled and the services they are getting aren't nearly as good as their private county services.

“Where not seeing any extra services for the money and we`re paying more than we paid before,” said Cordova resident Chuck Lucas.

Lucas says it`s nothing against the city he just wants the best services for the best price.

“The thing that even aggravated me more was when they went back and prorated us until January of last year, and we weren`t even brought in until July,” said Carter.

The petition would deannex areas from Hwy 64 to Germantown city limits and from Hwy 70 to the Fayette County line.

They're also trying to get people in those areas to sign the petition.

They're promoting the push through a Facebook page called Cordova’s Voice.

The Cordova's Voice group will have their meeting at the Old Cordova Community Center Thursday at 6:30 to go over the game plan on how to get those signatures.

Then on the 18th they're going door to door to get people to sign the petition.

The city of Memphis says there are seventeen hundred homes in that area and the owner of a $150,000 pays over a thousand dollars a year in property taxes.

So losing this area could mean a huge financial hit for the city's tax base.