Three-Legged Dog needs Loving Home

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(Memphis)  She was left for dead on the side of the road but  now has a new "leash" on life. She’s a three-legged dog named “Beans” and was saved by a woman after she was hit by a car.

She got her name from where she's been.

“She was very smelly when she came in actually,” said Marissa Croft, a receptionist at The Pet Hospitals.

Beans was dirty and bleeding, dying on a railroad track when Croft found her.

“She had been hit by a car,” said Croft. “Her leg was pretty much completely degloved, so the bone and a lot of the ligaments were exposed.”

Croft says the smelly and badly injured dog was worth saving, “She let me pick her up. She didn`t whine, didn`t bark, didn’t try to bite me or anything. She got in my car and we went.”

Croft took her from the streets near the University of Memphis to where she works: The Pet Hospitals in Collierville.

“We had to amputate her leg. That`s the only way to save it,” said Dr. Bart Madison.

The veterinarian fixed her up and Beans seems so happy to be alive.

“She wants to do more than she really can,” said Croft.  “She was up and walking the day of surgery.”

The injury hasn't stopped her from her favorite things, like eating treats and getting her belly rubbed.  But Beans is still missing something, and it’s not her back leg.

“If I could, I would,” said Croft.

Beans needs a permanent home.

“We want to find Beans the most loving home,” said Croft.  “She`s not really a handful but she can be because she just wants everyone to touch her and feel her all the time."

It’s something the staff at The Pet Hospitals has been happy to do now that Beans is clean.

“Because she was stinky,” said Croft.

If you are interested in adopting Beans, she`s going to be staying at The Pet Hospitals  in Collierville at 18 S Byhalia Rd.  The phone number is (901) 853-7330.