Southaven Attorney Arrested on DUI Charge


(Southaven, MS) Southaven Attorney Ben Taylor faces DUI charges after police found him in this ditch, car door open and blaring music at about 3 in the morning last Thursday.

Those who claim to know the son of prominent attorney Ron Taylor, say he’s got a long history of legal trouble, but police don’t seem to know about it ”Does this guy have a history of this kind of behavior? I’d have to refer you to our City Court on that,” said Southaven Deputy Police Chief Steve Pirtle.

So we checked with Southaven city court where we found the latest DUI charge, but beyond that, could only find a handful of speeding tickets, most of which had been remanded, or disposed of by a judge.

We’re told there’s more, but there’s no record of it.

In Taylor’s trunk last week, police found several weapons, including an assault rifle.

That news stunned neighbors, ”Are you serious? That’s even worse! That’s ridiculous they should do something about that” said a woman in the neighborhood where the DUI arrest occurred.

But police say there’s nothing to be done ”Under Mississippi law he’s perfectly legal to have ‘em there, even if he’s been drinking”.

Taylor couldn’t be reached at his Southaven office, and didn’t respond to our request for comment.

Police say they intend to see him in court, ”It’ll be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Our officers are prepared to take it to court”.

But what a judge might do remains to be seen.


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