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Southaven Lawyer Charged with DUI, Police Say Guns Were in His Car

(DeSoto County, MS) Prominent Southaven lawyer, Benjamin Taylor is usually one to clean up a legal mess. Now, he’s in the middle of his own after Southaven police say they found him passed out drunk in public, minutes after he was behind the wheel.

“There should not be people in a neighborhood this nice, passed out drunk,” said Adrienne Newton who lives yards from where police say they found Taylor.

According to police, Thursday they went to Meadow Point Drive for what they thought was someone blasting loud music, but found Taylor’s car parked in the driveway with the door open. Taylor was sleeping in a ditch.

“I live in this neighborhood. How would you not react to that and be stunned?” said Newton.

But what’s even more disturbing for Newton, Taylor had 10 guns in his car, including an AK-47.

“Are you serious? That’s even worse? That’s ridiculous they should do something about that,” said Newton.

News Channel 3 discovered the lawyer is not licensed to carry a concealed handgun. But in Mississippi, you can have as many guns as you want in your car. According to the law, your car is part of your home. So Taylor is only facing DUI charges. But the whole idea someone may have been driving drunk in her neighborhood with several weapons on them, isn’t sitting well with Newton.

“They could have been loaded, that would’ve been awful,” expressed Newton.

Since his arrest, Taylor has bonded out of jail. Sunday, we stopped by his home in Olive Branch to speak with him, but no one ever came to the door. There also wasn’t an answer at his family’s law firm.

Taylor’s practiced law in the Mid-South for more than a decade. On his firm’s website, it says he handles cases involving crashes, criminal law, even automobile negligence.

Newton is pleased Taylor’s alleged negligence didn’t hurt anyone, “Even I will go run early. He could have run someone over God forbid.”

But in the future, she hopes he takes his own legal advice, before shifting gears.


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