Rain and Chilly Temps for First Night of Beale St. Music Festival

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(Memphis) Game 6 of the Grizzly’s playoff game coinciding with the first night of Beale Street Music Festival has the makings of being an epic night in Memphis.

Unfortunately, today’s weather could literally rain on the cities parade.

The rain has been steadily coming down and the temperature has been falling with the rain drops.

But the weather isn’t expected to keep the crowds away from the first night of the Beale Street Music Festival.

Napoleon Yancey has been selling food at the music fest for over a decade and says there’s nothing unusual about rain for Memphis in May, “It wouldn’t be Memphis in May if it wasn’t raining. You all know this here. This is normal and we’re getting ready to have fun."

What is unusual are the chilly temps.

Festival coordinators aren’t saying how many tickets have been sold so far, but the tickets are non-refundable and the show goes on rain or shine.

Yancey says he’s seen bad weather in the past and it doesn’t impact the crowd as much as you would think, “They’re coming. Everybody is coming to see the bands they want to see, the food they want to eat, the fun and festivities. This is Memphis! This is Memphis in May! This is just the way it is."

Ben Dodd came all the way from Hot Springs for tonight’s show and says a little rain isn’t messing up his plans, “The rain is just part of the experience for it.  It will be ok."

Everyone we talked to said the weather won’t stop them from enjoying the music fest.

Friday's acts include Alice in Chains, Hall and Oats, Sheryl Crow and The Wallflowers.

You can still get tickets at the gate, but be sure to bring your poncho.