Flood Prone Areas Soaked With Water and Worry

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(Memphis) The Mississippi River is on the rise and isn’t expected to crest until next week.

This could mean bad news for neighborhoods that flooded in 2011.

Right now rain is splashing onto this pavement in southwest Memphis.

Two years ago the intersection of Anderson and Harahan was under water.

Days of steady rain on already saturated ground has people here worried about a repeat.

“It's scary. It's really scary because we`re not prepared to go anywhere so it's scary,” said Emma Smith.

Water came up to Smith’s porch in 2011 but she got out before she was trapped.

Her next door neighbor and aunt Janette Wilson didn't get out in time and had to be rescued by boats.

Most of her other neighbors homes were under water.

“We're praying to God that it doesn't happen again,” said Smith.

Back in 2011 her home may have been spared, but her car was destroyed.

Smith says officials told her they fixed the problem that caused the flooding by clearing out a ditch, but homes around the neighborhood are still abandoned because of the flood damage two years ago.

Water has already started to pool in a neighborhood playground.

This is a very dangerous and scary sign for people here, and Smith says if you see rising waters like this she has a warning for you.

“If they tell you to leave. Leave! If they say leave your home you should leave your home. Don`t wait. Because there are consequences in waiting,” said Smith.

Shelby County EMA warns those living in low-lying areas to be aware of the changing water levels, and if you have worries or concerns call the Shelby County Office of Preparedness at (901) 515-2525.