City Council Committee Votes In Favor of Restoring 4.6% Pay Cut

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(Memphis) A Memphis city council committee voted in favor of a plan from Memphis Police Association that would restore the 4.6% that was cut from city worker’s pay two years ago.

“To increase the salary amount by 4.6 ultimately the administration believes it result in a reduction of services,” warned city of Memphis Deputy Director of Human Resources Jill Madajczyk.

The vote in the committee is just a recommendation.

The full council will vote to decide whether to restore the pay to Memphis Police officers.

Although the plan was approved, city council members expressed their displeasure with recently posted billboards put up by the Memphis Police Association.

“This is not the best way to wine friends and influence people.  This goes beyond the citizens in Memphis. It goes to those who are visiting as well,” said Councilman Myron Lowery.

“Our backs were up against the wall. We can't strike, what do you do?” said MPA president Mike Williams.

Full council will take up the issue in the coming weeks.